Kevin Gorton

Freelance Photographer | UK


Tel. +44 (0)7930 215 920


Kevin Gorton - Freelance Photographer

Photographer and Getty Images contributor based in the UK, living close to, and endlessly fascinated by London. Balancing a busy work life in operations management with photography, travel, self-inquiry and conscious living. 


I am fascinated by the creative possibilities of street photography which has become an exploration of "seeing", creativity and present moment awareness. There is a Tao and flow to street photography and I believe that if you are open to the opportunities and look closely enough - life will present itself as art.

I will always love landscape and night photography, however, I feel that in recent years the genre has become something of photographic "stamp collecting" and I am always drawn to create something truly original.


Always learning ....... this is a journey!

I believe life is an adventure and live by my mantra: Live - Explore - Create

All images are copyrighted and can be licensed or purchased as prints.