Kevin Gorton  -  Freelance Photographer / Creative

The Mindscape project is an ongoing exploration of the creative process and mindfulness through photography.  A means to strip away the distractions of modern living and to live fully in the moment, to reconnect to, and express the truth of our experience.

Street and Travel Photography

Photographer and Getty Images contributor based in the UK, living close to, and endlessly fascinated by London.  

I am continually inspired by the creative possibilities of photography, it is the perfect tool to explore the creative process and to practise mindfulness.  For me, photography gives purpose to travel, inspiration to explore new places and provides a means to express the experience of a life well lived.

Welcome to the Mindscape project - here you will find images and observations that humbly and inadequately attempt to express that experience.


Balancing a busy work life in operations management with photography, travel, self-inquiry and conscious living; 

I believe that life is an adventure and live by my personal mantra:   


Live - Explore - Create

Always learning ....... this is a journey!

All images are copyrighted and can be licensed or purchased as prints.

Kevin Gorton

Freelance Photographer | UK

Tel. +44 (0)7930 215 920