Kevin Gorton  -  Contemporary Street Photography

Photography is the perfect medium to create art in the recognition and appreciation of the beauty and stillness of everyday moments - to recognise the extraordinary nature of each moment as it unfolds. 


So much of life can be mundane and overlooked, my photography work teaches me to look beyond the superficial and tune in to the exquisite moments that happen around us every day.

Freelance Photographer and Getty Images contributor based in the UK, living close to, and endlessly fascinated by London.  

I am continually inspired by the creative possibilities of street photography and work to create contemporary images that reflect the energy and vibrancy of the city.

Shooting mostly in London, my photography has taken me around the world - I do not see travel as a reward for working hard, but a lesson in how to live.

Welcome to my website - here you will find images and observations that humbly and inadequately attempt to express the beauty I see around me.


Balancing a busy work life in operations management with photography, travel and conscious living; 

I believe that life is an adventure and live by my personal mantra:   


Live - Explore - Create

Always learning ....... this is a journey!

All images are copyrighted and can be licensed or purchased as prints.