After dark  -
I have always been drawn to the transformational; whether it be frost, snow, fog, extreme weather or simply darkness, I am fascinated by that which changes the environment and offers an alternative view.  The transformation makes us pay close attention and reveals another world to that we think we know.
Standing amongst, or photographing dramatic landscapes or the night sky can reconnect us to a sense of awe and wonder that is so easily lost in everyday life.  It can reconnect us to the wonder at being alive, of living on a planet, of natures beauty and abundance and to develop a true sense of appreciation for life and the opportunity to experience it.

Fire filled sky


Night falls without discrimination, casting shadow over mountain and sky,

In stillness, they remain dimly in view, to the reverence of a thousand stars,

I stand alone, before an open window, to all that is.

A single moment, a single perception, from a cold and silent corner, time is slowed and there is only this,

alert in anticipation, I am awake,

The cold creeps in like liquid, as the sky begins to fall,

In me, all that is, becomes aware of itself.

From the darkness, a translucent bridge, the sky is breached, 

horizon to horizon, a soft arc whispers of light.

At once, my heart races as luminosity consolidates, light beckoned from beyond the world,

The sky and my heart explode, and all shadows are banished.

Mind is gone, and in this single moment, I am my experience,

Free from interpretation, here now, simple and profound - a fire filled sky stuns me into awakening.


Kirkjufell 1.jpg
Kirkjufell 2.jpg
Catbells Festival of lights2 v3.jpg
The Lake District National Park (UK) - Catbells, lined with peoples head-torches to represent Tibetan prayer flags. 
To raise money for the Nepali earthquake recovery at the Festival of Lights 2018.

Photographing the Milky Way in Central France

Samui3 FB-1.jpg

SE Asia - A beach fire-show on Thailand's Koh Samui (whilst waiting for a flight to BKK (March 2020)